Visit planner - planning visits to fitness clubs

Visit planner

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What is this?

After quarantine cancellation and the opening of fitness clubs, restrictions on the number of customers inside the club will be introduced. Visit Planner service allows you to solve this problem easily and conveniently! The service is independent of your core software and can be used independently.

The service is integrated with the fitness club management system LuckyFit

Free trial period of 7 days


Automatic control of the maximum number of customers and duration of visits

You just need to specify the club’s work schedule, the maximum number of customers in the club and the maximum duration of one visit. Everything else the service will automatically control

A simple registration form for the client, adapted for mobile devices

An intuitive interface allows you to quickly find free time and sign up for a visit. The client will not be able to sign up for the time at which the maximum possible number of visits is predicted

Club network support

Add and manage branches with a global admin

Club statistics

View statistics on visits by time and number of registered customers

How to use Visit Planner?

  • Register at Visit Planner
  • In the settings you will find a link to the registration page that you need to provide customers with for planning visits, one link to all branches
  • In the club settings, set the work schedule, the maximum number of customers in the club and the restriction on the duration of stay in the club
  • Add branches if you manage a network of clubs
  • In the “Reception” menu you can see the current load of the your fitness, a list of planned visits with the possibility of entry and the number of people in the fitness. Also - a list of clients and the time of their actual stay
  • When the client arrives at the reception, it remains to find him by phone number or name, check the availability of the record and register the entry